Transforming Tears. In the Blink of an Eye.

TearCare™ is a software-controlled, wearable eyelid technology that provides targeted and adjustable thermal energy to the meibomian glands. Leveraging the full functionality of the blinking eye, TearCare’s proprietary iLid™ technology facilitates natural meibum expression when meibum is in its melted phase.

TearCare™ for Optometrists and Ophthalmologists

The TearCare™ System is a medical device used by an eye care provider to deliver consistent and adjustable thermal energy to the meibomian glands. Unlike other “closed-eye” energy based-systems, TearCare™ provides patients with complete open-eye functionality throughout the entire in-office procedure.

12-Minute Eyelid Procedure

  • Employs an open-eye procedure methodology
  • Wearable and “smart” technology permits blinking and natural meibum expression throughout the iLid™ procedure

Proprietary, Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Multidisciplinary engineering integrates mechanics, electronics, computing, and systems and control science into a single device
  • Software-controlled, closed-loop thermal monitoring system